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Saveontaxplus.com a USAFunRaisers Company together with our Business Partners and Fundraising Organizations express our Thanks for your continued support and business!

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Imagine dramatically growing your business while also increasing customer retention and loyalty. It's that simple, we provide a "Win-Win Scenario" for our Business Owners and Fundraising Partners.  

Each participating Business Owner advertises a reduced rate "strategic" special offer designed to increase sales.  

  • Fundraising organizations sell the "Empowered Value Card" to raise much needed revenue
  • Business Owners and Professionals sponsor and distribute the "Empowered BusineCard" to dramatically increase business, retention and ultimately SALES!

The Saveontaxplus.com "Discount Portal" displays endless and ever changing local offers and nationwide on-line specials.   Customers simply shop on-line or show their Fundraising or Empowered Business Card locally to save thousands of dollars.

It's that simple... Advertise your special offer on saveontaxplus.com and avail your business to endless new customers and... Watch Your Business Grow!

Visit USAFunRaisers.com we are looking forward to meeting you!



Interested in a career that helps people save money while supporting area Fundraisers and local businesses.  Please send your Resume to Sales@saveontaxplus.com

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