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Saveontaxplus.com a USAFunRaisers Company together with our Business Partners and Fundraising Organizations express our Thanks for your continued support and business!

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Terms & Conditions...

USAFunRaisers.com Company and Saveontaxplus.com. will never sell or share any information with any business or individual unless it is needed to update/maintain/or protect the contents of this site. We reserve the ability to cancel this service at any time for an individual or group especially if misused or improper postings are hosted.  This site is designed to help Small Business and Fund Raising Organizations and any other use as deemed by USAFunRaisers.com or Saveontaxplus.com and its affiliates may result in cancelation and/or termination.

Using the Value Card - The listed Business Partners have agreed to provide a discount greater than the mandated State Sale Tax which is not to exceed $25.00 for any transaction day unless otherwise advertised on the special offer.  In addition, new offers are added by our Business Partners and can be updated instantly via this site.  Saveontaxplus.com is not responsible for errors or omissions in offers presented on this site.  However, should there be an issue we want to hear about is as it may represent misuse and service termination might result.  As with any purchase, please remember that it is an agreement between the buyer and seller we are only facilitating a meeting of needs and are not liable for services rendered or non-payment of services. 

We take great pride in listing only the Best Business entities and Partners.  All Fundraising efforts support various organizations and the ultimate dollars earned reflect efforts of Value Card Sales.  We reserve the right to change, update or alter this agreement at ay time as needed to support and protect our various partners and interests.

Although Business Owners provide a discount equal to or grater than tax due all tax dollars are paid by the customer/retail partner for each sale as required by individual state law. Any additional offers or in certain situations different discount amounts my be used by our Business Partners.  An offer may consist of one or multiple products as dictated in the offer.  Individual retailers may decide to increase the $25.00 Max savings at their discretion.

The current pricing and duration of this offer may change at any time.  However, no additional fees will be charged unless agreed upon by impacted parties. All Business Partners agree to honer the Saveontaxplus value card as agreed upon at registration or via our associate contact.  You may remove or cancel a listing at any time!

We look forward to helping out Organizations and Business Partners prosper and these terms and conditions are designed to provide a safe environment for everyone.

The USAFunraisers.com and Saveontaxplus.com Sales, Service, Marketing and Operations Team

©Copyright 20013 www.Saveontaxplus.com  All Rights Reserved part of the USAFunRaisers Company.